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  1. Peter McKenna R.I.P.
    Peter died peacefully in a Manchester hospital after a troubled health caused by dementia. He was a good friend of mine for 60 years.

    In 1977 during Group 6 deployment [Rear Admiral Martin La Touche Wemyss in HMS Tiger] whilst East of Suez the group was split on a North South deployment Tiger going south to Australia spending Christmas in Sydney and HMS Cleopatra plus other ships under the second in command of the group [Captain John M WEBSTER R.N.] North to Japan under what should have been excellent command, control and long haul communication conditions. Both ships were fitted with SCOT [Satellite Terminals] which worked well from sailing from UK until the north/south split. However, Cleopatra’s terminal became intermittent and then failed altogether when in Japanese waters. The U.S.N. came to Cleopatra’s assistance, not only in organising alternative HF long haul communications but also in satisfactorily bringing Cleopatra’s SCOT back to life and functionality. Peter played a large part in restoring long haul group communications which earned a cash prize from the Herbert Lott fund as well as as “granny points” for a recommendation for the award of the British Empire Medal. The senior U.S.N. admiral in the Japan base wrote a glowing report on Peter’s excellent cooperation, knowledge and organisation ability which augured well for the R.N. and for Cleopatra, meaning in operational terms, that on regrouping post split the detailed programme of exercises, visits, RAS’s and much else could go ahead without any changes. He was feted with BZ’s all round, a BZ signifying a well done.

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