3 Replies to “Crossed the Bar – Ex WO(RS) C.L.D. “Dave” Tavener”

  1. What can I say, taken far too soon. RIP Dave we will miss your cheery smile. Sadly I will not be able to attend the funeral and pay my last respects as I am out of the country but will raise a glass at the appropriate time.

  2. Thank you to Ian and Danny for relaying the very sad news of David’s passing. My happy memories of David during his service in Kelly Squadron at HMS Collingwood will remain with me until the end. I believe Danny has encapsulated the strength and courage that David always displayed in everything that he did, whether it was building his bar at home or implementing training methods we all learnt from! A firm friend, unstinting professional and treasured colleague who will be very greatly missed by us all.

    Rest in peace Dave.

  3. Shared a flat in Northwood in the 90’s and discovered we had the same birthday (and year); I’ll miss the irreverent exchange of emails as to who was actually the youngest! This year, Dave, I’ll admint to being the “Old Fart”. And if you’re listening … this is a once only offer. Safe journey and RIP.

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