Message of Condolence

From our Chairman:

On behalf of the Royal Navy Communications Chiefs’ Association (RNCCA) we convey our deepest sympathies to Her Majesty the Queen and all members of the Royal Family. The recent solemn news of the passing of His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh has been received with great sadness among the entire membership of this association. As Royal Navy officers, Warrant Officers and Senior Ratings, both serving and veterans we feel an enormous sense of loss of our Lord High Admiral who shall forever be remembered. The HMS Kelly heritage linking Lord Louis Mountbatten to the Royal Navy Communications branch was staunchly supported by HRH and we are extremely proud and eternally grateful to the Duke of Edinburgh for all that he so successfully achieved on behalf of the Royal Navy, United Kingdom and Commonwealth.

Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Family are in our thoughts and prayers during this sorrowful time.


Lt Cdr RN Retd



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  1. I submitted this message of condolence to the “Royal” website on Saturday 10th April at 1225 and received an acknowledgement of its receipt. Any response in reply to this submission may not be forthcoming owing to the anticipated deluge of condolences expected by the Palace Staff. If, indeed there is a response I will distribute it via our established channels.

    Stephen Kerslake

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