Relevant Tribute to HRH Prince Philip

This very fitting photo and commentary was supplied by Jeff Dykes  with approval by Les Taylor:

Taken in Portsmouth dockyard some years ago.  The marine and the two sailors  were a part of a small group of musicians playing for the Duke’s visit. The Prince approached the group in between pieces and said to Les “Hello Chief and haven’t we met before?”  Les replied  “Yes Sir, we met on my ship in which your number one son was my boss – the SCO! ” Small talk ensued and they were referring to the Britannia’s visit to New Zealand to Christchurch. HMS Jupiter, with H.R.H. The Prince of Wales on board was on a private deployment  East of Suez which coincided with the Britannia’s visit and acted, with two RNZN Leander’s, as ESCORTS to the Royal Yacht.  Whilst in Christchurch the Yacht was anchored a couple of cable from Jupiter, when Prince Philip visited his son and had a tour on the frigate, a detailed one with much small talk in the MCO with Les acting as his guide.  Afterwards and now some time later back in Portsmouth, Les commented upon the ability  Prince Philip had of remembering, in great detail all that was said and done and how much he had enjoyed the meeting of all concerned.

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