Addition of Photos from the 2018 Reunion

I have now published a number of galleries (within the photo gallery menu) of the 2018 reunion.  Please have a look and any constructive comments please comment to this post.

A massive thank you to Nick Lee for the content of the 2018 galleries, he acted as the unofficial photographer on the weekend and in particular on the gala night and I think you will agree did a fantastic job.  Nick has also kindly sent me photos from previous Reunions and these I will add over the next month or so.

If anybody has any relevant photos they want added to the galleries please send them to me in JPEG format to


Reunion 2018 – Aberfoyle, Scotland

Great weekend had by all in the ‘Trossachs’.  Photos will be appearing in the galleries very soon.  Thanks to Brian for organising the weekend and special thanks to Jackie from Isle of Wight tours for putting it all together – ‘Best yet’ was repeated several times.  Thanks also to our guest of Honour Captain Craig Mearns and his wife Leslie.  His address was  enjoyable and witty  and both showed us how Scottish dancing should be done!! The critique from the two man band and teaching team for the rest of us was interesting, in summary and for comparison purposes there last gig had been at a Nursery for 3 – 5 years olds and we came second  😕

New Link added – Allcallsigns

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General Update

Minutes from the July committee meeting are linked in the Minutes page.

Not many takers for this years reunion – please go to the Reunion page for latest list of attendees and all the booking information you need to make a last minute booking! (Teaser below)